Two years today

Since you were taken away

And still it hurts

Tho’ in a different way

Instead of a knife twist

It’s more of an ache

Mixed with resentment

At finality, fate.


Since you’ve been gone,

So much has changed.

So little of what once was remains.

I am at odds

With the breakneck pace…it feels

Too much like erasing grace.

I drove by your house

Last I was in town

Lingered a bit ‘til I saw I’d alarmed

The little boy in the window who lives there now.

He’s a cute little fella Mom,

He’d make you smile.

Dad has remarried

As I’m sure you know

From your place in the next realm

Where you watch this show.

I see your smirk and I hear you saying

With that tone I mimic when I feel pain

I told you so'.

Best stop this train.

Unnecessary words

I dare not deign.

I miss talking to you.

Both out loud

And eyes only.

I miss those silent but loud conversations.

A link has been broken

I cannot fix nor replace.

Goddamn it Mom…I so wish you could have stayed.

Now to rescue this from the maudlin

Which I know you hated.

What can I tell you that is upbeat, cheery.

Everyone is well. Soldiering on.

The weather this winter has been unseasonally warm.

Trump has been impeached and faces trial in the senate

And the ex is moving, thank God, to Australia.

We are getting a new puppy

Yes, I know, I know.

But she’s a beautiful, well-bred little girl from Croatia.

You would appreciate her name Mom.

In fact, I swear you sent it.

If you did, I love it.

Her name is Misandry.

Ta ra for now Mom.

Talk soon, again.

Love you like crazy.

Meet us at the pub if you can.