candidate francesca dobbyn270Kathleen Wynne, the Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party, has conceded that she will not win the Ontario General Election on June 7th. Here in Grey and Bruce, voters have an incredibly important decision to make, and I’d say the stakes have never been higher.

I entered into this race with the goal of being your advocate at Queen’s Park and providing the strongest representation possible for the residents of Grey and Bruce counties.

That has not changed.

In fact, the imminence of a Doug Ford government should instill an even greater urgency in our rural communities to put in place a representative who has YOUR best interests at heart, not their party’s agenda. In the face of almost certain service cuts that Toronto won’t feel nearly as hard as we will here in Grey Bruce, we need a strong, creative leader with a proven track record of solving difficult issues.

We cannot afford the NDP’s anti-nuclear agenda here where Bruce Power is such an economic driver. And we can’t afford Doug Ford’s mysterious “efficiencies” that he’s had months to tell you about, but has chosen not to.

I stand before you today the same dedicated, committed candidate who put her name forward to represent you in the decisions that affect your everyday life. You can still choose to send to Queen’s Park a person who will fight for your community and families. I ask for your vote on June 7th so that I can continue the important work of making sure our voices are heard in Toronto.


Francesca Dobbyn 

If you have any questions please contact Jeff Dean, Campaign Manager, for Francesca Dobbyn at