Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Meaford Council News

2018 Council Candidate Profile: Amie Foster

Amie Foster election270Candidate Name: Amie Foster

Position Sought: Councillor

Email: afostermeaford@gmail.com

Phone: 519-375-6273


I have lived in the Municipality of Meaford for 19 years. My husband Richard was born and raised in Meaford and in 1999 I made the community my home. As a family, with two young girls, we are very involved and committed to Meaford. As a volunteer, I have worked for various committees as both a member and a chairperson.

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2018 Council Candidate Profile: Harley Greenfield

Harley Greenfield election270Candidate Name: Harley Greenfield

Position Sought: Councillor

Email: hrgreen@gmail.com

Phone: 519-538-2570


A lifetime resident of the former twp. of St. Vincent. Graduated from Meaford District High School. Married for 46 years. Self employed in masonry construction since 1976. Served initially as a Councillor on the final St. Vincent twp. Council. Since amalgamation in 2001, have served twice as a Councillor and three terms as deputy-mayor. Council duties, lawn and gardening duties at home, and some scaled back masonry projects, as well as three grandsons, keep me occupied.

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2018 Council Candidate Profile: Karen Kay

Karen Kay election270Candidate Name: Karen Kay

Position Sought: Councillor

Email: karenkay4council2018@gmail.com

Phone: 519-377-3386


Karen Kay studied at the Alberta College of Art and Design where she received a degree with distinction in Fine Arts Textiles. She operated a large commercial gallery in Calgary and has been on the boards of two artist run centres, one as treasurer and one as secretary.

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2018 Council Candidate Profile: Ross Kentner

Ross Kentner election270Candidate Name: Ross Kentner

Position Sought: Councillor

Email: rosskentner@gmail.com

Phone: 519-538-3185


Born and raised in east end Toronto near Scarborough Bluffs, we moved to Meaford at Thanksgiving 1956. (I’ve been giving thanks ever since.) In Grade 10 at the time, I joined the Meaford Citizens Band and the Stanley Knight Glee Club. Joined CFOS in 1961. In 1966 I married Ruth Ann Ferguson of Meaford. Our family has grown from our son Dale to include his wife, Jennifer; our granddaughter Jeneviere; grandson Kyle and his wife, Margo, and great grandchildren Ariana and Zara.

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