Meaford Council News

Meaford Firefighters Recognized

firefighter certs 2014

Meaford's council recognized several members of Meaford's Fire Department for their continued dedication to improving their knowledge and skills.

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Reminder: Citizens’ Charter Working Group Engagement Sessions

council chamber333In response to feedback from residents, Meaford's council formed a working group comprised of five citizens and two members of council to draft a Citizens’ Charter outlining municipal services.

Deputy Mayor Harley Greenfield, Co-Chair of the Working Group, commented that, “The goal of the Charter is to help inform residents on the important services the Municipality of Meaford provides, thereby contributing to greater openness and transparency.”

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Water Tower Rehab to Cost Less Than Expected

mfd water tower 1 caleb jones

Meaford councillors received some welcome news at their June 23 meeting when Director of Operations, Stephen Vokes announced that the bids had been received for the rehabilition of Meaford's water tower, and the winning bid is significantly lower than had been forecast.

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Vote by Phone or Internet in This Year's Municipal Election

mfd ballot box2014In June of last year, Meaford's Council approved the use of Electronic Voting (Telephone/Internet) for the 2014 Municipal and School Board Elections that will be held between October 17-27, 2014. 

Vote-by-mail has been used in the municipality since amalgamation.  In preparation for the 2014 Municipal Election, the Legislative Services Department investigated voting methods to ensure value for money and integrity of the voting process. 

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