Meaford Council News

Meaford to Create New Coat of Arms

mfd ops ctrMeaford's council is hoping that a revamp of the municipal Coat of Arms will send a strong signal that the municipality is serious about the inclusion and unity of all parts of the municipality.

At their March 9 meeting, council approved a plan to create a Coat of Arms, that will see a community working group chart their way through the process.

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Deputy Mayor to Sydenham Separatists – Talk to Us

Sydenham Township225Meaford's Deputy Mayor, Harley Greenfield wants to initiate dialogue between the municipality and a separatist group in Sydenham who call themselves the Sydenham Action Committee. The trouble is, nobody knows for certain who the members of the organization are.

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Blended Rate Increase Like the Weather – Sub-Zero

council chamber333Meaford's council approved the first budget of their four-year term on Monday, March 2, and while the rate increase on the municipal portion of property tax bills will be 1.32 percent, once the county and school board are included the overall blended-rate increase for Meaford ratepayers will be just 0.08 percent.

For the average Meaford home, the overall property tax increase will amount to roughly $12.75 for the year according to Treasurer Darcy Chapman.

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