Meaford Council News

Earth Week Organizing Committee Updates Council

earth TMIMeaford's Earth Week organizing committee made a presentation to council at their May 25 meeting to provide an update on the success of this year's Earth Week events.

Organizing committee member Jenean Lush told council that the second year for the event exceeded the exceptional participation of last year's inaugural Earth Week in Meaford.

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Deputy Mayor Will Have to Wait For Staff Review

mfd ops ctrMeaford's Deputy Mayor, Harley Greenfield, has asked council to consider a review of the municipality's full time staff “in an attempt to maximize synergies and efficiencies”, however his fellow councillors have deferred his motion until later this summer.

Greenfield caused a stir earlier this month after he made a notice of motion at the May 11 council meeting indicating that he would be bringing forward a motion that would “have to do with the huge future cost of infrastructure, it will deal with no additional tax increases to cover the infrastructure expenses, it will have very much to do with a workforce adjustment which will free tax dollars for infrastructure needs”.

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Council to Vote on Less Restrictive Debt Management Policy

council chamber333At their next meeting on May 25, Meaford councillors are scheduled to vote on a proposed revision to the municipal long-term debt policy.

If approved, the new policy, which was presented to council at their May 11 committee of the whole meeting, would shift from a restrictive policy implemented in the wake of Meaford's five year plan for financial recovery after having found itself with some $3 million in accumulated deficits, to a less restrictive set of rules that would give the municipality more flexibility when considering funding options for municipal projects.

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Approval Given to Purchase New Plow

mfd plowMeaford's council gave approval for a purchase of a new snow plow truck at its May 11 meeting. The cost for the vehicle was included in the 2015 municipal budget, however purchases over $150,000, even if budgeted, need to be approved by council.

The new plow carries a price tag of $276,867.59, which is nearly $1,800 more than was budgeted, however Meaford Treasurer Darcy Chapman told council that savings realized in other recent fleet purchases will cover the additional cost of the snow plow.

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