Meaford Council News

2018 Council Candidate Profile: Ross Kentner

Ross Kentner election270Candidate Name: Ross Kentner

Position Sought: Councillor


Phone: 519-538-3185


Born and raised in east end Toronto near Scarborough Bluffs, we moved to Meaford at Thanksgiving 1956. (I’ve been giving thanks ever since.) In Grade 10 at the time, I joined the Meaford Citizens Band and the Stanley Knight Glee Club. Joined CFOS in 1961. In 1966 I married Ruth Ann Ferguson of Meaford. Our family has grown from our son Dale to include his wife, Jennifer; our granddaughter Jeneviere; grandson Kyle and his wife, Margo, and great grandchildren Ariana and Zara.

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2018 Council Candidate Profile: Diane MacIntyre

MacIntyre election270Candidate Name: Diane MacIntyre

Position Sought: Councillor


Phone: 519-374-9510


As a longtime resident of Meaford, I hadn’t anticipated running for council until the potholes on our road became big enough for young children to play in. That was when I started my twitter account (@meafordian). Taking photos of potholes from our area and posting them brought out many stories from neighbours and fellow Meafordians, describing similar road conditions all across the municipality.

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2018 Council Candidate Profile: Francis Richardson

Francis richardson election270Candidate Name: Francis Richardson

Position Sought: Councillor


Phone: 519-379-5998


I am a 5th generation resident of Meaford and St. Vincent area of South Georgian Bay. My great grandfather was Mayor of Meaford in 1878 and 1880. My grandfather was Deputy Reeve in 1930 and my father was seven years on council and Mayor in 1956-57.

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2018 Council Candidate Profile: Robert Uhrig

Robert Uhrig election270Candidate Name: Robert Uhrig

Position Sought: Councillor


Phone: 519-377-3570


Raised in rural Meaford, like so many, after my education I was forced to leave the area to seek employment elsewhere including:

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