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Mudmoiselle Raises over $98,500 for Canadian Cancer Society

mudmoiselle 468

The former ski hill at Talisman Mountain Springs Inn might be a little less muddy now, and the scrapes and bruises endured by participants might be healing, but the ‘high’ experienced by Mudmoiselle participants and organizers still brings a smile to faces as the event is deemed a success for the Bluewater Canadian Cancer Society Community Office in Owen Sound.

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Young Bakers Can Compete in This Year's Apple Pie Contest

applepie225As sure as Meaford is the Apple Capital of Ontario, homemade apple pie is its signature dessert. There is always a lively auction to win the bid for the winning pies during the annual Scarecrow Invasion and Family festival apple pie contest.

Head Apple Pie Judge Grace Lambe has set high standards for the annual contest over the years. This year Grace has passed the torch to Mary Bryant who knows she has big shoes to fill.

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Meaford Public Library Opens Tech Centre

techcentre225The Meaford Public Library has announced the opening of its own Tech Centre in order to serve the needs of customers with technical questions and issues.

Located near the library’s front desk, the Tech Centre is staffed every morning—Tuesday to Friday—from 10 am to noon.  

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