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The Pet Expert: November is National Pet Diabetes Month

diabetedogs2020 270As loving pet owners, we all want our pets to live long, healthy, and happy lives. And while certain illnesses and diseases are unfortunately beyond our control no matter what measures we take, many can be prevented.

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Local Chef Teams Up with Foodgrains Project to Combat Global Hunger

ChezGilles nov 2020 270A locally prepared roast beef dinner will be feeding people in our own community and around the world at the same time. Chef Gilles Haché is teaming up with the local Bighead River Foodgrains Project to offer a take-out meal after being approached to be part of a fundraiser for the organization.

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The Pet Expert: The Top 7 Things All Ferret Owners Need to Know

ferrets270Ferrets are playful and curious animals by nature, and can make for wonderful pets. However, ferrets are a much more specialized type of pet than a cat or dog, and require a number of needs to be met regularly. Here are seven things to consider before deciding if a ferret is the right pet for you and your family.

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