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Annan's Trinity United Church Celebrating 170 Years

Annanchurch 3454 270The care and attention that has gone into maintaining the 136-year old structure that houses the Trinity United Church in Annan stands as both a testimony to the devotion of its congregation and as a tribute to the pioneers, church leaders, and ministers who guided the congregation through changing times.

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The Pet Expert: Can Cats Eat a Plant-Based Diet?

vegancats 270Did you know that vegetarians and vegans make up approximately ten percent of the Canadian population? With more than three million plant-based eaters in this country, there is certainly no shortage of demand for plant-based food options for people. Whether it's for ethical, environmental, or nutritional reasons, Canada is clearly experiencing a culture shift when it comes to the foods we consume.

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Rotary Club Supports Local Skating Club

rotary skating don 2019 270Rotarians Sonja Glass and Carol Norton were delighted to be given a demonstration of spirals by Hayley and Rylee Granger, members of the Meaford Skating Club.

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