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The Pet Expert: Understanding and Correcting Growling

correcting growling270Nobody wants to be around a growling dog. Being on the receiving end of an intense growl from an agitated dog is an extremely intimidating circumstance. Although growling is a largely unwanted behaviour, it is an important means of communication among canines. A growl can mean many things; is the dog angry, fearful, agitated, or aggressive?

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Meals on Wheels March Campaign

2019 meals0nwheels270The month of March is Nutrition Month in Canada and an ideal time, according to Carol Potter, to share information on an important service that Grey Bruce volunteers are providing to adults in need of a little help getting proper nutrition.

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Enter the Meaford Public Library’s Fundraising Read-A-Thon

2019 readathon 270The Meaford Public Library Fundraising Committee has announced an exciting fundraising event for the new Meaford Public Library building. It’s a Read-A-Thon open to people of all ages; children, youth, adults, everyone. It begins on Monday, April 1, and the Read-A-Thon concludes on Friday, May 31, 2019.

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The Pet Expert: Proper Habitats For Betta Fish

betta fish habitat270Betta fish are beautiful and fascinating little creatures. The infamous Siamese Fighting Fish are sought after the world over for their striking colours and elaborate fins, making them the second most popular pet fish to goldfish in North America.

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