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The Pet Expert: How Pets Impact Our Success in Life

pets success 270Pets have an undeniable positive impact on our lives. Not only do our animal companions bring comfort, companionship, and joy to millions of people, they also excel in a multitude of essential roles, like guide dogs, law enforcement, and therapy companions.

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Kiwanis Club Donates to Support MRI

kiwanisdonation2019 270The Kiwanis Club of Meaford donated $5,000 to The Meaford Hospital Foundation last week in support of the MRI at the regional site in Owen Sound.

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Purple Fentanyl Attributed to Recent Overdoses

NaloxoneKit270There has been an increase in the number of opioid related overdoses in Grey County with five overdoses in four events over a 48 hour period last week, and an additional three in the past three weeks. All were opioid related, with some overdoses attributed to Purple Fentanyl.

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