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The Pet Expert: Is Kitty Litter Harming You and Your Cat?

kittylitter2020 270As the loving owner of three rescue kitties, I really enjoy the bonds I have created with them, and the quality time we spend together is meaningful. Whether they are snuggly and affectionate, or are a little more standoffish, there is no denying the uniqueness of cat ownership.

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Organizers: Cancelling Scarecrow Invasion The Right Decision

SamMask2020 270September has always been a special time of the year in Meaford, that time of year when hundreds of scarecrows appear seemingly out of nowhere to herald in the end of summer and the beginning of the fall season. For more than 20 years, scarecrows have brought people together, brightened our days, and brought smiles to everyone’s faces.

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The Pet Expert: How to Stop a Dog From Counter Surfing

counterservicedogs 270How many of us have come across light-hearted YouTube compilations of dogs stealing food from the kitchen counter? As a viewer, one can see the hilarity in a dog sneakily snatching a freshly made sandwich from the kitchen.

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