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The Pet Expert: Domesticated Pets Being Dumped in Meaford

domesticatedbunny270Over the past several weeks, an alarming trend has begun in the Meaford area. Domesticated animals are being dumped: set free to fend for themselves. In addition to kittens, which is sadly still a problem in our rural areas, rats, bunnies, and other domesticated small pets are being released into our community. These pets are commonly being released in rural areas, on farms and large properties.

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The Pet Expert: Solving Problem Shedding

shedding2020 270Pets don’t shed. They emit magical fibres of joy and love.

Now that spring is in full swing, pet owners may have noticed a little extra fur around the home, on the furniture and floors, on our clothes, and on pretty much everything else. While it is normal for some pets to shed all year round, now is the time of year where seasonal shedding is reaching its peak.

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The Pet Expert: Tips For Beating the Heat

dogswimming2020 270Finally, the warm weather is upon us! We all welcome the arrival of warm weather, especially after the long, bitter winter we just couldn’t seem to get rid of. And while being outdoors soaking up some rays is certainly satisfying to the soul, it’s not without its risks – particularly to our dogs.

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