PoetryPlayKit270Owen Sound Poet Laureate (2017-2019) Lauren Best has created Poetry Play Kits as an open-ended resource to encourage the playful exploration of language and creativity. The kits come with activity cards for guided play, six inspiration blocks, popsicle sticks and a length of beaded cord that allow everyone to engage with the activities.

Poetry Play Kits contain activities that encourage caregivers and children to have fun and explore language together. Families are invited to try out new ways of creating poetry that engage different senses and skills: touch, hearing, movement, visualization, and brainstorming.

Best says, “Through playing with language we can find new ways to create simple poems, including poems with no rhyming structure or meter. Poetry is playful and lets us explore language and sound in new ways as we connect words and play with ideas. We can learn about poetry and develop transferrable skills through combining other creative activities such as music, movement and visual arts. This helps to strengthen perceptual and problem solving abilities, creativity, voice, speech and even math skills.” 

The Poetry Play Kits are intended for use by children ages 5-11, working together with a caregiver. They are a great resource to help parents and children find new ways to be creative together. Poetry Play Kits are available now at the Owen Sound & North Grey Union Public Library in the Youth Services Department.