AlisonLeonard270The Meaford Public Library’s 8th annual Koffee House Reads kicks off on Thursday, March 21 at 2 pm with Alison Leonard at the Meaford Museum. This series features local authors in our downtown venues discussing their books and the writing process.

Alison Leonard specializes in Viking Archeology with a focus on artifacts and coinage. Vikings continue to enthrall people around the world: they crop up regularly in film and television, feature frequently in touring museum exhibits, and new Viking-Age archaeological discoveries often make media headlines. But for archaeologists of the Viking Age, the period can seem rather less sensational. If it isn’t all about violence or treasure, what is the allure for those who research and write about the period? With examples taken from the book Vikings, of the Pocket Museum series, co-author Alison Leonard PhD will discuss the challenges, mysteries, and thrills that an archaeologist of the Viking Age faces.

Leonard received her PhD in Archaeology at the University of York, UK, specializing in Early Medieval and Viking Age archaeology. After working as a researcher and lecturer at the University of Cambridge, Alison has returned to her hometown of Owen Sound where she continues to research and write about archaeology.

Tickets for this Koffee House Reads event are $10/person and include coffee and dessert. Get yours today at the Meaford Public Library.

The Library’s next Koffee House Reads event will feature Randal Graham who will discuss his book Beforelife on Thursday, April 18 at 2 pm at To the Moon Café.

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