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The Rotary Club of Meaford will provide $12,400 to Georgian Bay Secondary School (GBSS) to support ongoing efforts to alleviate student hunger, and in doing so to improve academic success within the student population.

The money will be used to supplement grant funding currently received by the school from the Ontario Student Nutrition Program and the Breakfast for Learning programs. The injection of Rotary money into the school’s Food for Thought and Backpacks for Learning programs ensures nutritious food; fresh fruits and vegetables are available for students throughout the school year, and in the case of the Backpack program, during weekends and holidays for students who may otherwise go without.

The money will ensure both the Food for Thought and Backpacks for Learning programs are sustained until the summer of 2016. Members of the Meaford Rotary Club will also be participating as volunteers in the programs.

When kids are hungry or experience food security issues they cannot focus or learn to their full potential. Both the Food for Thought and Backpacks for Learning programs address a need that exists within our student population and address the food security issue,” said Amy Teed-Acres, the GBSS teacher who has spearheaded and runs both programs.

Phil Cant, President-Elect for the Rotary Club of Meaford, said “Fresh, nutritious food offered to students provides them with the nutrition and energy they need to learn and actively participate in school. Our club’s investment is one more way Rotary is ensuring local youth have the tools they require to succeed.”

Meaford Rotary will be holding a fundraiser Trivia Night on Friday, April 10th. Your support of this event benefits the GBSS student nutrition programs. Rotary will also gratefully receive cash donations in support of the programs and a charitable tax receipt will be issued upon request.

Rotary making a difference in Meaford:

2014 - Rotary makes a one-time donation of $50,000.00 to the Don Bumstead and Family Medical Centre.

2014 - Rotary commits to a donation of $50,000.00 to the Meaford Hospital Foundation, payable over 5 years.

2012 - The Lakeview Cemetery Columbarium is completed. This structure was a $50,000 joint venture of Rotary and the Municipality of Meaford.

2004 - Rotary donates $100,000.00 to the Meaford Hospital Foundation. This was paid to the foundation over an 8 year period.

Rotary donates $25,000.00 towards the restoration of Meaford Hall.

2000 – Ongoing Rotary assumed ownership and management of the 32 unit Godfrey Apartment buildings in the year 2000. These units continue to be maintained as unrestricted affordable housing in our community. A $365,000.00 refurbishment program of the complex, undertaken in 2012, is now 70% complete.

1990 – 2010 Meaford Harbour improvements are undertaken by Rotary, including:

 Rotary Harbour Pavilion installation (1990),

 Pavilion wall curtain installation (2002),

 Harbour entrance gardens (2006),

 Interlocking pathway from the gardens to the break wall (2010),

Paving of Don Bumstead Parkway (jointly funded between Rotary and the Municipality of Meaford).