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Everyday Gourmet: Crispy Chicken & Risotto

crispy chickenHaving some basic ingredients on hand makes last-minute cooking much easier. Many recipes call for items that are difficult to find, something that would not normally be in your refrigerator, foods that you do not like, or unfamiliar ingredients. These are some of the staples that I usually have.

Vegetables: onions, carrots, yellow/orange/red peppers, celery, sweet potato (or white or yellow-fleshed potatoes), kale or Swiss chard, spinach, tomatoes, broccoli, or cauliflower. We love Brussels sprouts so I usually serve them at least once a week. Substitute Brussels sprouts with broccoli or cauliflower.

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New Eco Co-op Taking Shape in Meaford

the barn225On Tuesday February 3, members of the Market Co-operative Transition Team will be ready to take their plans to the community.

Over the past four months a number of members in the community have been planning to bring sustainable food, art, and wellness under one roof.

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Everyday Gourmet: Brunch

Waffles brunchThe holidays always bring lots of family and friends together and that means we often have overnight guests visiting us. Our usual breakfast of cereal, toast or fruit and yogurt is replaced with brunch decadence. One of the brunches we indulged in was requested from my visiting son, the other a totally impromptu New Year’s Day nosh. After much eating and being merry, we are all ‘fooded’ out and it’s time to go back to simpler and more nutritious meals (at least meals that are not as bad for us – and as much as we all love bacon… back to fruit and yogurt for breakfast!) Tonight we will have a salad for dinner.

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Everyday Gourmet: New Year's Dinner Party

chmpagne Zsuzsanna Kilian

Everyday: “ordinary and unremarkable”; “occurring each day”; “used on ordinary occasions”.  Gourmet: “Food expert”; “Of special food”.

Everyday Gourmet – an oxymoron that will make sense as we explore food together.

I am not a gourmet chef. However, I love to cook and have managed to whip up great meals on a regular basis for many years. My goal is to assist and encourage you to add a little zest to your cooking – either for your family or special occasions with friends.

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