Local Food

St. Vincent Centre for Organic Farming Coming to Life


In just a few short weeks the St. Vincent Centre for Organic Farming has gone from the planning stage to shovels in the ground, and the organizers of the initiative have been busy planting the first phase of the project.

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The Barn Co-operative Initiative Incorporates


The Barn Co-operative Network, an initiative that hopes to turn the restored barn on Highway 26 that currently houses The Market into what organizers are calling a 'Health Hub', is progressing and has achieved a major milestone: it is now incorporated.

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Everyday Gourmet: Curried Mussels

muss225My Dad used to tell me that when he was a young child (this would be about 1912-1917), they were able to purchase mussels from the local butcher. The mussels came in a very large barrel and would only be available for a short time. He did not like mussels, as I am sure my grandmother would only steam them and serve with a little butter – not exactly what a young child would like.

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Community Polyculture Orchard in the Works

organic lettuceMembers of the Meaford Community Gardens organization have partnered with other community members to establish a community polyculture orchard on the outskirts of the urban area of Meaford on a property donated by the Shepstone family. Work gets underway this spring on what will be called the 'St. Vincent Centre for Organic Farming'.

To start, edible nut and fruit trees will be planted on a one acre plot, interspersed with berry bushes and other perennial plants. Heritage varieties of edible fruit and nut trees, which are disease-resistant, will be selected and established,” explained Jaden Calvert of the Meaford Community Gardens.

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