apples270Is your organization, program or business working towards, or is interested in building a food-secure Grey Bruce? If yes, the Food Security Action Group wants to connect with you.

The Food Security Action Group (FSAG) seeks to identify sustainable best practices and community-based food security initiatives across Bruce and Grey Counties.

In doing so, the FSAG is striving to help increase access to local foods, reduce food waste, and enhance local economic development. The FSAG is one piece of the Poverty Task Force Framework, which is a network of service agencies in Bruce and Grey Counties that work together to create a proactive approach to poverty reduction and eventual elimination in our communities.

The FSAG is working towards creating an inventory of all of the food-related organizations, programs and businesses within Grey Bruce that are and/or are interested in connecting and collaborating with partners within the local food system. By creating more connections between local producers and food businesses and community food organizations, the FSAG is hoping to build food-security in Bruce and Grey Counties. Food gleaning, connecting people in need of quality food that would otherwise go to waste, is an example of an activity occurring throughout Grey Bruce where various partners have connected, collaborated and are working towards the goal of every resident of Grey Bruce having access to quality foods. The FSAG sees an opportunity for building more connections throughout Bruce and Grey Counties to get more quality local foods to market and to make quality local foods accessible to all.

The FSAG is also creating an inventory of food-related assets in Bruce and Grey counties, such as dry and cold storage, inspected kitchens, etc., as well as facilities that are functioning like or are an emerging community food hub.

If you are a community food organization and/or program or a food business and are interested in connecting and collaborating with partners within the local food system in hopes of building the food security in Bruce and Grey counties, you can contact Jaden Calvert at to fill out a short survey. You can also contact Jaden if you have any questions about the FSAG and its mission.

The deadline to complete the survey is Friday, April 1 at 4:30pm. After this deadline, the FSAG will follow-up with those who completed to survey about next steps.