Knights Lose Home Opener, Rebound to Victory on Sunday

knightsofmeafordlogo225The Knights of Meaford hockey club took a beating in their home opener on Thursday October 15, with an 8 – 1 loss to the Bradford Rattlers.

The Rattlers controlled the game from the outset scoring two goals in the first period, and three in each of the second and third periods.

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A Time for Thanks

cameron2This weekend marks another very special weekend for most Canadians. It’s Thanksgiving and time to slow down for a few days, get together with family, friends and loved ones.

Many of us will “be forced” to sit around the fire, relax and watch sports this weekend. The question is, which sport do you watch? Baseball, golf, hockey and football are all on this weekend, so you might want to get your hands on the remote.

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Time to Sweep!

curling Carol Giffen225As the warm months begin to fade into the cold months, some might be looking for a winter activity, and the Meaford Curling Club is hoping to help.

Curling is a sport that is very accessible, and can be played leisurely or competitively. And then of course there is the infamous social aspect of curling that often sees players relax in the lounge after some fun on the ice.

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