coyotes apr 2020 0003 270While the lockdown from COVID-19 has sidelined the Georgian Bay Coyotes from meeting as a group, workouts are still being sent out and dedicated members are training on their own. As a distance runner, this can be a very lonely trail to travel.

To help alleviate some of the loneliness, the Coyotes are going to do a virtual run across Canada. Each week Coyotes runners will submit their weekly mileage, and the combined numbers will be tallied.

Small rewards of little prizes will be handed out for individual milestones that are reached. It is 7,821km from coast to coast of this great nation of ours. The goal is for the team to reach Victoria by the end of the summer.

Photo: Winter training has long since passed, so the Coyotes now begin a virtual trek across Canada as a goal to achieve while in isolation training due to COVID-19