2019 4321 winnerThe Dairy Queen 4-3-2-1 Lawn Bowling League winner was decided on Wednesday, July 31. Dan Dekking is the winner of A division and therefore the Meaford 2019 overall champion. Lynda Eagles was second in A division, sixteen points behind. In B division the winner was Gladys Williams and 18 points behind was Joan Grierson, second in B division.

The Wednesday 4-3-2-1 League is competitive, unlike Tuesday and Thursday nights, which are recreational games. The league consists of two games per night on five consecutive Wednesday evenings. After this 'regular season', the bowlers are placed in divisions and participate in a two-night championship round on Wednesday evenings. The winner during league play before the playoffs was Paul Warwick. This year there were no cancelled games due to rain, just perfect weather.

The 4-3-2-1 is an interesting and fun format. The game has no teams, just everyone for themselves in groups of three. Instead of just the closest bowl to the jack, and any others closer than the opponents, getting points, each of the four closest bowls are awarded points. The closest receives 4, the next 3, the third 2, and the fourth 1. One player could get all 10 points available or they could be split among the participants. It is a great competition for seasoned bowlers and a wonderful skill builder for the newcomers.

Many thanks to Dairy Queen for sponsoring every year,” said organizers. “And in other news, the Municipality of Meaford has erected a beautiful sign indicating the location of the Meaford Lawn Bowling Club. Special mention to municipal employees Jesse Bedard and Mark Pendleton for the installation. The Lawn Bowling Club has been Meaford’s best kept and possibly oldest secret. Now it’s 'on the map'. Look for it on Sykes Street between Alex’s Gas Bar and Paul’s Repairs. Come and participate on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6:45 or come and watch.”

The next tournament is the Brokerlink on August 12 beginning at 9:30 a.m.

Photo: Shirley Keaveney, Dairy Queen Sponsor (left) and Dan Dekking (right) A Division Champion