CameronBurechails2016 270Hot, humid temperatures are not only uncomfortable but can be dangerous to those who are old, young, and those who have breathing difficulties.

If you are a golfer and do not want your game to be affected by the heat, then here are a few tips on beating the summer heat.

1. Schedule your games or practise rounds for early morning or late evenings. Temperatures are usually cooler and humidity levels are not as high.

2. Take a power cart, which will shield you from the hot rays of the sun and also provide you with a much appreciated cool breeze.

3. Drink plenty of water. Bring a thermos bottle with plenty of ice to help keep your water cold.

4. Bring snacks that will replenish the salts you lose when you perspire. I like salted peanuts or cashews, but some may prefer trail mixes or granola bars. Fresh fruits also help prevent dehydration.

5. Make sure to wear a hat. This will help protect you from the sun and help keep your body cool.

6. Bring a wet towel on the course with you to help stay cool.

7. Cool down in the shade when you feel overheated.

8. Freeze a couple of plastic water bottles to take out on the course.

9. Avoid the consumption of too many alcoholic beverages. These drinks may feel like they are quenching your thirst, but alcohol will actually cause you to become dehydrated sooner.

10. Play only a 9 hole round rather then 18.

11. Wear comfortable microfiber golf shirts that will not only help keep you cool but also prevent you from perspiring too much.

Remember, if you feel overheated on the course stop playing, sit down and rest. Try to rehydrate yourself with either water or cold fruit juice.

Enjoy the summer as the warm weather is usually short-lived. Follow my tips and you will have a more comfortable and safe golf season.

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