CameronBurechails2016 270All good things in life take time. Golf is a sport that not only takes time to play but also time to master. The game of golf will teach you both patience and how to manage your time when you play.

From the moment we step on the tee, we are focusing on time. Have we made it to the course on time for our tee off? Are we playing fast enough to stay ahead of the group behind us and will we be finished our round in time to be home for dinner? To be able to play the game and enjoy it, you must learn how to manage time.

If speed of play is an issue when you play a round of golf, then simply make some changes in your game. If you are a beginner golfer, don’t play during peak times. Golfing on a busy weekend can be like driving your car on the QEW during rush hour. You can also set maximum scores for each hole so that you are not taking up too much time on the course or even play scramble, which helps to move your group along at a faster pace. You can even take a power cart for either 9 or 18 holes to help you keep pace.

If you are playing at a good pace, a round of golf should take 4 to 4 ½ hours to play.

Preparation for a round of golf also takes time. So make sure that you budget enough time to get to the course and have a good warm up before your round. If you arrive at the course 30 minutes before your tee time, you should have plenty of time to hit some balls, work on your short game and even grab some snacks before your round begins.

If you want to play a better game of golf, then you also need to practise. Your skill level and your confidence will improve if you simply put the time into working on your game. Taking lessons will also help improve not only your scoring but also your pace of play on the course. Not knowing what clubs to hit or how to execute a shot on the course can be frustrating and it can lead to slower play. Investing in lessons is like investing in good equipment, your game and your enjoyment for the game of golf will improve!

Rushing shots on the golf course can be prevented if you develop a good pre-swing routine. When you stick to that routine for each shot, then you are more prepared to make each shot. A pre-shot routine allows you to assess things before you swing. If you are thinking about too many things while you are swinging then you are going to feel rushed. Between each shot, think about preparing for your next shot. Look at your distance and the lie of your ball, so that when you get to your ball you are ready to select the right club. Next, relax, focus on one thing and swing.

Golf is not a sport that should increase stress in your life. Rather it should be an activity that helps you to eliminate stress from your life. Learning how to manage your time before and during a round is the key to playing better golf. You will post better scores and you will have a good time every time you tee it up!

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