On Saturday, July 5, 29 members of the Meaford Coyotes Track Club ventured to Brampton for the 4th annual Flying Angels Classic Track and Field Meet.

This was a great meet for many of our newer runners as it was a lower-key competition,” said club coach Kevin Hooper. “With 34 teams registering for the event, the Coyotes brought home a boat-load of medals consisting of five gold, 10 silver and 10 bronze, placing us fourth overall in the total medal count. More importantly, they achieved 29 personal best performances and gained valuable race experience.”

Congratulations go out to Kara Tichbourne, who set two provincial records as a first year Tyke. She placed 2nd in the 800m behind a 2nd year Tyke. Her time of 2:47.53 broke the old record by over one second. She was 1st in the 1500m with a time of 5:32.67, shattering the old record by over 6 seconds. Kara led both races from start to finish.

Other results were:

Mite Girls:

Lilly St. Marie: 2nd in 400m @ 1:32.72 [PB] and 1st in 800m @ 3:27.90 [PB]

Evie Allen: 3rd in 400m [PB] @ 1:46.29 and 3rd in 800m @ 4:18.75 [PB]

Charlotte Woodhouse: 2nd in 800m @ 3:28.30

Tyke Girls:

Kara Tichbourne: 2nd in 800m @ 2:47.53 [PB] and 1st in 1500m @ 5:32.67 [PB]

Bethany Woodhouse: 3rd in 800m @ 2:55.37 and 2nd in 1500m @ 6:00.95

Dana Tulloch: 6th in 800m @ 3:39.52 [PB] and 5th in 1500m in 6:52.05 [PB]

Charlotte Woodhouse: 4th in 1500m @ 6:49.50 [PB] [as a Tyke]

Atom Girls:

Zoe LeBlanc: 9th in 400m @ 1:19.17 [PB] and 3rd in 1500m @ 6:28.29 [PB]

Skye Kavcic: 10th in 400m @ 1:22.32 [PB] and 5th in 1500m @ 6:39.54

Julia Tichbourne: 5th in 800m @ 3:18.19 and 4th in 1500m @ 6:28.50

Sr. Girls:

Sophie Bierer: 7th in 400m @ 1:10.15 [PB] and 4th in 800m @ 2:57.44

Julia Latham: 4th in 1500m @ 6:13.72

Youth Girls:

Hannah Woodhouse: 1st in 800m @ 2:19.55 [PB] and 1st in 1500m @ 4:44.39

Rose Nadjiwan: 2nd in 800m @ 2:29.44 [PB] and 3rd in 1500m @ 5:08.15

Jessica Ruest: 4th in 1500m @ 5:44.15

Open Women:

Bryce West: 2nd in 400m @ 1:02.00 and 3rd in 800m @ 2:38.78 [PB]

Pee-Wee Boys:

Edmund McPherson: 4th in 200m @ 48.65 [PB] and 5th in 400m @ 1:50.70 [PB] [ as a Mite]

Mite Boys:

Justin Acres: 2nd in 800m @ 3:18.42 [PB]

Tyke Boys:

Jeffrey McPherson: 2nd in 800m @ 3:05.43 [PB] and 3rd in 1500m @ 6:29

Devlin Gillis: 3rd in 800m @ 3:05.77 [PB] and 2nd in 1500m @ 6:06.17 [PB]

Justin Acres: 5th in 1500m @ 7:48.75 [as a Mite]

Atom Boys:

Noah Allen: 4th in 400m @ 1:15.45 [PB] and 6th in 800m @ 2:56.74 [PB]

Matthew Nickels: 5th in 800m @ 2:54.74 and 5th in 1500m @ 5:50.57

Peter Ruest: 2nd @ 1500m @ 5:15.21

Sr. Boys:

Riley Higgs: 3rd in 1500m @ 5:02.99 [PB]

Michael Ruest: 4th in 1500m @ 5:18.35

Luc Nusselder: 7th in 1500m @ 5:33.04

Youth Boys:

Jake Clarke: 7th in 400m @ 59.59 [PB] and 5th in 1500m @ 4:51.98 [PB]

Alex Tulloch: 3rd in 800m @ 2:13.14 [PB] and 4th in 1500m @ 4:51.98

Sam Nusselder: 1st in 1500m @ 4:24.49 [PB]

This was the last track meet of the season for Coyote members. The team will start building for the Fall season on Tuesday, July 29th.

There will be a two-week period where new members will be permitted to join the Coyotes. Spots are limited and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you would like more information about the team or joining as a member, either visit their website at or email coach Kevin Hooper at