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Pure Musical Joy on Stage with Kaeshammer Live at Meaford Hall

m kaeshammer web225Michael Kaeshammer doesn’t simply wow you with his chops - he invites you in and talks to you. A gifted singer and songwriter, a highly trained technician and interpreter, and an incendiary piano player, but also, on stage and off, he is the consummate host. Kaeshammer’s music is a feast for your ears that blends ingredients from Kaeshammer’s vast store of jazz, soul, pop and R&B influences, served up fresh, piping hot, and with a huge helping of joy on the side.

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Beatles Tribute Coming to Meaford Hall

CavernersThe most authentic tribute to the Beatles plays Meaford Hall Friday February 3. Audiences have been raving about the all Canadian tribute to the Beatles known as The Caverners.

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