Wednesday, October 17, 2018



Three local songwriters who have been putting on concerts together are enjoying it so much and getting such positive feedback that they are back for more. Dave Hawkins, Bill Dickson, and Bill Monahan will be playing a special evening concert at The Barn Co-op in Meaford on Thursday, November 16, at 7:30 p.m.

Last month, these three songwriters put on an evening at The Bleeding Carrot in Owen Sound, a small venue ideal for a listening audience. They tried out a new format, Bluebird Café style, where all three are on stage at the same time taking turns on songs. It proved to be much more entertaining than having each songwriter perform a complete set in turn.

These three songwriters have in common the fact that they all like to write about relationships in a way that reflects their personal take on life, and those takes are different enough that it is refreshing to move from one songwriter to another song by song. Dave Hawkins approaches his songwriting as a way to reflect on the state of his life and the world around him. Bill Monahan tends to write love songs that explore the various emotional complexities of relationships. Bill Dickson writes songs that seem to be part tall tales, with exotic settings and dark mysteries, approached with a wit that sometimes hides the seriousness of the underlying theme.

As Kevin Brown, one audience member put it, “The trio sings about Life, Love and Laughter. In that order.”

The triple bill (or Dave and a Double Bill, as they like to call themselves) has evolved from one show to the next without a master plan, energized by the fun of the process and the feedback from the audience. The first time out was at The Red Door in Meaford, with Dave, Bill Monahan, and John Brownlow. That show went well, and they followed it up with a Sunday afternoon at the Garafraxa Café in Durham. Since then John Brownlow released his album The Summertime, and is busy getting it out in to the world. The others wanted to carry on and Bill Dickson provided a perfect fit. Dave and Bill joined Bill Monahan when he played one of the Friends of The Meaford Library Sunday concerts, and went on to do the show together at The Bleeding Carrot.

Three unique songwriters is a show you need to see. The songwriting is intimate but with universal themes and melodies you will be singing on your way home. Each performer has a different style, giving the listener an ever-changing song selection. Three unique songwriters provide a solid evening of entertainment,” said Jim Ansell, proprietor of The Bleeding Carrot.

Tickets for the show at The Barn are $10 in advance, available at The Barn, or $12 at the door.


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