A new program gives young adults some extra incentive to quit smoking this summer. Leave the pack behind offers a free eight-week supply of nicotine patches or gum.

To receive free nicotine patches or gum, apply at The online application will match the appropriate dosage to the participant’s level of tobacco use.

To be eligible for the free products, young adults must meet the following:

·         Be a resident of Ontario and between 18 – 29 years of age

·         Not pregnant or breastfeeding

·         Not diagnosed with any medical condition listed on the product monograph

·         Smoked cigarettes daily or almost daily for the past 3 months

Young adults need to know they can be social without lighting up a cigarette,” says Jason Cranny, Youth Advisor with the Grey Bruce Health Unit. “If you are a young adult and thinking about quitting, take advantage of this free opportunity through Leave the pack behind, and make this the summer to quit.”

Young adult smokers who go online to order nicotine patches or gum will have to complete an online baseline survey and two subsequent surveys, 8 weeks and 6 months after entering the program. Along with the nicotine gum or patches, participants also receive other resources to help them in their quit attempt.

While young adults in Ontario have the highest smoking rate among all age groups at 18% (Health Canada 2012), recent data shows 97% of the mortality due to smoking can be eliminated if the user quits before the age of 30 (Lancet 2012).