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Support For Proposed Developments

Mr. Editor,

We have read in the last two editions of your paper about opposition to two development proposals in Meaford — the PeopleCare Campus of Care and Back Forty Glamping.

Mr. MacDougall highlights in his thoughtful letter to you published in the July 9 edition, the slow erosion of Meaford’s business base, the growing number of empty stores on main street, and the large number of abandoned houses, businesses, and empty overgrown lots within a short walk of downtown and along prime bay-side areas. As he states, this situation does not encourage new business and home building and places a negative strain on the local economy and tax base. Whether Meaford likes it or not, if we are to survive and thrive, we must embrace change.

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Thoughts on PM's Current Scandal


Margaret Trudeau received $240,000 over four years. It will take me over 22 years for me to receive this money from CPP.

Call it what you want, how about privilege? What will the Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction call it?

William Elder, Meaford

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TC Energy Asks Opponents to Consider Positive Aspects of Proposal


I have read Caley Doran’s letter to the editor last week (Thursday, July 2) and have had the opportunity to reflect on the concerns he has raised and the reasons why he feels he should be opposed to the proposed pumped storage project.

As is the case with many community members in the area, Caley has a passion for protection of the environment and that his connection to the land is very strong. I would like to assure him that we share many of his concerns and are very sensitive to events and circumstances of the past.

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