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Not Fair to Blame Insurance Industry

Dear Editor,

While I do agree that demands of insurance companies have made some activities more difficult I think it is unfair to blame the insurance industry.

You talked about when we were young you just pulled out your toboggan and away you went. However, when we were young we took responsibility for our own actions. If we tobogganed down a hill and got hurt we got patched up and then went back and did it again. We didn't sue the municipality.

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BJHS Thanks Community For Fantastic Canada Day

Dear Editor,

We had an amazing Canada Day in the Municipality of Meaford this year! There were plenty of activities for everyone!

Beautiful Joe Heritage Society board members would like to extend a huge ‘Thank You’ to our sponsors: Remax Meaford (Marg Spragge and Christine Moore) and Canadian Pet Connection.

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We Have a Democratic Right to Lobby

Dear Editor,

Your statement, "I would encourage you to round up your neighbours, head to the next council meeting and demand a commitment" has been the accepted past practice of residents that want council to give them what they perceive as something that belongs to them or they want to remain the same. Unfortunately, you use the asphalt paving of Concession A as a singular example and make those residents that came before council as greedy and self-serving residents that own properties with high assessment values.

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