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Reader Offers Thoughts on Future of Memorial Park

Dear Editor,

A couple of days ago, I submitted the following letter to the Memorial Park committee. Then, I was shown the Scotts' letter to the editor in last week's paper. I decided to forward my letter to you to add another voice that echoes the Scotts' concern for Memorial Park's future.

I am responding to your request for public reaction to the various proposed changes to Memorial Park.

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About Downtown Trees...


Street trees in Meaford have had no chance for survival because they have never been installed using current best practices. With no room for root growth and no way to get proper nutrients and water, they have been doomed from the start. With proper design provision (soil cells) and planting practices, street trees can live their full life span without heaving the sidewalk or dying from lack of food and water. Street tree species need to be carefully selected, as many will not tolerate sidewalk salt and pollution from idling and passing vehicles. Other species will thrive in spite of these challenges.

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Community Cleanup Volunteer Finds Many Cigarette Butts

Dear Editor,

I was one of many who cleaned up Meaford Saturday, and there is a comment I would like to make. The area I did had mostly cigarette butts. Paper and broken pots are part of life, but there is no reason for cigarette butts littering the sidewalks. My husband has smoked for the 55 years we have been together and he never throws away his butts. He just pinches off the ember and puts the butt into his pocket to be dumped at home. It is time to develop some self-respect and do the same---or get off the couch and go out and clean it up yourself.


Roberta Docherty, Meaford

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