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20 Years of Riding For Terry Fox


Signs about the Terry Fox Run could be seen here and there around town. Not the usual kind but ‘Virtual’ as news tips read, as there was no gathering of folks planned at the Meaford Harbour Pavilion for the usual Terry Fox Run/walk/ride send-off slated for September 20, the year after year annual second Sunday of that month.

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Who Should Be Trusted Regarding Proposed Pumped Storage Facility?

Dear Editor,

A reader recently raised the issue of "Trust" with regards to the proposed Pumped Storage Project. I would like to provide a perspective on who we might trust to do the right things here.

TC Energy's project website is still full of facts and relevant information. I cannot see any changes to the Save Georgian Bay website since my last visit. That may reflect the resources available to dedicate to the two sites, but many aspects of the Save Georgian Bay site continue to bother me.

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TC Energy Responds to More Letters


I would like to thank Mark Bergen for his thoughtful comments, published Friday, Sept 18. Mark makes several comments that I would like to respond to and hopefully address some of his concerns.

Water turbidity and temperature:

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