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Reader Opposes Proposed Bill 136


The bill Bill Walker is touting is disguised as a bill to ban UNDERCOVER CRUELTY VIDEOING.

This cannot happen! Without these brave souls who document the intense cruelty happening 24/7 at the Factory Farms the public would have no idea what is going on to the chickens, dairy cows, pigs, etc.

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Reader: Pumped Storage Will Not Reduce CO2


TC Energy’s December 12th response to my previous call for 'Sensibility' regarding CO2 abatement programs is misleading and erroneous. This project will not “turn a 100% loss into a 75% gain”.

We do not have to spend $3.3 billion to salvage electrical energy sold to the U.S. A sensible solution to energy surplus in Ontario would be to simply reduce the selling price of power to the point where homeowners could justify heating their homes with electric furnaces, eliminating their consumption of fossil fuels. This would render an immediate, low cost and measureable CO2 reduction achievement.

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Response to TC Energy's Letter to the Editor


I would like to start out by saying that I am a senior and therefor may need a little help in understanding complex issues like the benefits of pumped storage of electricity. However, as I read the response to an earlier letter, I could not help but come away with more questions than answers.

  1. If the issue is that we create more power than we use and that makes it cost more for consumers, to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars annually, why don’t we stop over-producing?

    • If for some unexplained reason we can’t stop producing too much, why not sell the excess at higher rates to recoup the costs?

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