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Reader Shares Thoughts on Proposed Pumped Storage Facility

To whom it may concern,

As a resident in Meaford I'm very concerned about the Pumped Storage facility proposed to be on the Meaford Tank Range.

I'm very much concerned about the local ecology and the effect on wildlife – also people living in the vicinity of the Range.

There is a lot of variety of wildlife living on the Range property - deer, wolves, fox, etc. as well many varieties of birds – including the eagle, vultures, wild turkeys, partridge, owls, many varieties of birds – all will be affected by the hum that comes off of Hydro wires. We have already lost many varieties of birds and butterflies and insects because of the use of insecticides on crops.

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Councillor Eager For Release Of Municipal Report on Proposed Pumped Storage Facility

Dear Editor,

At April 20th’s on-line council meeting I asked when council is going to receive CAO Rob Armstrong’s report on Trans Canada Energy’s proposed Pumped Storage Facility.

The Department of National Defence has to make a decision on whether it will host the $3.3B development. DND postponed that decision to July 31, less than 90 days away. Suppose, for sake of argument, our council decided to oppose the project. That’s not a lot of time to get ready considering that TCE has been preparing their case in favour for the last two to three years.

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Meaford Rocks


Thank you to the people that have painted rocks and have placed them throughout Meaford. We have seen them on the trail, near mailboxes, by bridges, on street corners, and along the waterfront on our many walks around the community.

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