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Save Georgian Bay Calls For Release of Municipal Pumped Storage Report

Dear Editor:

Councillor Ross Kentner’s letter, published in the The Meaford Independent last Friday, May 1, accurately reflects our view at Save Georgian Bay: Release the Pumped Storage Proposal report now!

We appreciate Councillor Kentner’s public requests, in the April 20 council meeting and now, to The Independent, seeking to allow the community adequate time to review and react to the report well in advance of the July 31 comment period closing date for the Department of National Defence.

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Reader Questions Councillor Kentner's Letter to the Editor

Mr. Editor,

The tone of Councillor Kentner’s letter to The Independent gave me the impression that he is not in favour of the TCE stored energy proposal. (That may not have been his intention.) He seems to be in a hurry to get the pros and cons of the project from the CAO because time is running out for Council to oppose it. Should someone who does not have all the information be focusing only on opposition? Is support for the proposal not an option?

In a previous letter to your paper I suggested that I would have little respect for any representative I voted for who did not keep an open mind until all factual information was available, when so much is at stake. Will the CAO’s report contain all the relevant information? Is he privy to the possible changes that TCE may announce in the future that will try to address many of the concerns received from our Meaford residents? (TCE said they would do that and I remain confident that they will. They have nothing to gain and everything to lose if they don’t keep their word.) Does the CAO have the environmental impact data that should be significant in Council’s decision making? I think not, as those studies are yet to be done.

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Reader Agrees With Councillor Kentner's Call For CAO's Report on Proposed Pumped Storage Facility


I heartily agree with Councillor Kentner's view that the report from our CAO should not be delayed just because TC Energy cannot be present in person. A copy can be dispatched to them by other means.

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures. This dithering could prove to be costly in more ways than one. We, the people of Meaford, also deserve to hear the official opinion since we are the ones who will be impacted by the outcome.

Let's hear what our CAO has to say.

David Blackburn, Meaford

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