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Thoughts on Council's Declaration of a Climate Crisis



With respect to the recent decision by Meaford council to jump on the climate change emergency bandwagon, and your subsequent flailing of councillor Greenfield as a “dinosaur”, I would like to offer a few thoughts.

There is little or no meaning to any municipal council, large or small, endorsing matters that are 100% out of their control. It is a gesture, not an action.

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This is No Time to Sit on the Sidelines


When our council passed the climate crisis/emergency motion at the November 18 council meeting, my heart was full. I’m grateful that as a community we are not sitting on the sidelines watching as other people in our country and around the globe suffer due to the warming of the earth and the related damage to our biosphere.

Our municipality may not be destroyed by rising sea levels as in the Solomon Islands or coastal communities as in the Arctic.

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What Can Meaford do to Reduce Pollution?


Climate change. Four months ago, I was wearing shorts, sandals, and a tee-shirt, now it's a jacket, boots, and gloves. Is this climate change?

I don't think the dinosaurs were sensitive to climate change, well, at least  not the ones that were close to the meteorite that landed near them. Those ones that were further away, never saw another sunrise. I did look at the NASA Green web page, and yes they are planting more trees, I wonder how India and China would fare in planting trees in the permafrost?

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