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Comparing Cost of New Library to Other Projects

To the Editor;

I note with some interest that a new Marriott Hotel and Conference Centre is about to begin in Owen Sound.

It is to be a six-story, 100-room hotel with swimming pool and conference centre, with an additional one-story commercial building for six businesses. The total area cited is 7,165 square meters, at a building permit cost of $13 million. This is $1,814 per sq. meter.

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New Resident's Thoughts on Pumped Storage Proposal


By way of introduction, my name is Ric Riordon. My wife Shirley and I have recently moved from Oakville, where a similar project was proposed a few years back in the face of much public concern, and thankfully rejected. As newcomers to the community, bringing our business here and making our home here, I wanted to reach out in hopes that our thoughts might be expressed in your editorial section, or if you would kindly direct me to someone else.

Last evening’s (December 11) TC Energy schmooze fest orchestrated to warm the people of Meaford to the idea of their new Power Plant proposal was disappointing for many local residents who have warranted environmental, community, and tourism concerns for this ambitious corporate profit venture.

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Reader: Pumped Storage Facility Will Never Pay For Itself


More on the TC Energy proposal… Being 'green' is not just reducing our energy consumption but also being efficient with the energy we do use. There is only one real cost of electricity. The pricing with peak rates and off-peak rates is a fabrication of government and the electrical producers to misdirect us from the fact they do not know how to design and build flexible and efficient systems that can effectively meet variable demand.

The TC Energy proposal is a continuation of this folly. The idea of pumping water at off-peak times and generating at peak times sounds good… right? However, as I pointed out there is absolutely no peak cost and off-peak cost. That is a myth. There is only one real cost.

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