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Concern For Leith Beach


An issue of great concern to citizens of Leith, Meaford, Grey County, and many others, has arisen at Meaford Council. A proposal to transfer municipal parkland into private hands will be discussed at a Council meeting June 10, 2019, at 6 p.m. in the Council chambers, located at 157859 7th Line, Meaford.

The proposal is to demolish the existing building behind the Leith Beach in order to build a new restaurant/motel. The building would be three times the size of the current structure, requiring the transfer of some of the current parkland to private ownership.

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Concern For Memorial Park Camp Sites


When I read the recent letter about plans for the 'Park' I realized that we may lose our best camp sites. We have lived in the former St. Vincent Township for over 50 years and the park has been part of our lives even before that.

Memorial Park was created in the Fifties and included an area for camping. The size remains the same. I believe there is no desire, on the part of campers, to take anything away from the rest of the park. There is something special about camping. R.V. sales across North America have never been greater. Most of us started out in a tent. Even today young families on a tight budget can get together some gear and spend a little quality time together. Your kids will remember camping with Mom and Dad for the rest of their lives.

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Thoughts on Council's Grant Funding Decision


I have a comment concerning your article about New Approach to Infrastructure Needs.

It was interesting to contrast what unelected staff members had to say compared to elected councillors regarding the upcoming $642,347 grant money from the provincial government.

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