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New Drop Site For Pop Tabs

Dear Editor,

In the 1980s, the Royal Canadian Legion started collecting pop tabs (pull tabs to open pop and cat food tins), to be sold to manufacturers, to raise money to buy wheelchairs for people in need.

Many of these were specialty chairs for those with special problems. It takes 2,500,000 tabs to buy one chair, so it takes many hands to accomplish the feat. There are now 2,726 wheel chairs handed out to those who would otherwise not have one, across the country. Eleven people in the Meaford area have benefited from the project, which uses only volunteers to make it work.

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Thoughts on What is Fake News


Re. your 'Rant' in the print edition of July 4, 2019, about Meaford's Toronto Star advertorial.

Sponsored posts, 'discovery' or 'native' advertising, search advertising, and other print and online versions of this technique (including the time-tested advertorial) are legitimate, proven forms of marketing. Right now, they're extremely effective, cutting through the incredible amount of online noise. They're also remarkably well received. As long as they provide informative, interesting, valuable content that people want to read and find worth their time, why not package these in a format that will catch readers' eyes and engage them quickly?

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Reader Reminded of Environmental Responsibilities


Got my comeuppance from a young lady today.

A hot day, car thermometer at 35 degrees Celsius.

My wife has a physio appointment.

Tells me to keep the car running while waiting so she is not stifled by the heat after treatment.

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