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Save Georgian Bay Member Responds to Editor's Rant

Dear Editor,

I am a proud member of Save Georgian Bay. I am the Lead for the Public Outreach Team. My role is to connect with and inform the community of TC Energy's proposal to build a 1000 megawatt Hydroelectric Pumped Storage Plant at the Military base. I became aware of this proposal in Sept 2019. At that time I came to learn that very few people in the Municipality even knew of this. After weeks of research and speaking with team professionals from SGB I too took a stance to oppose this proposal.

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Reader: More Questions for TC Energy Which Must be Answered


In a very recent edition of The Meaford Independent, TC Energy offered responses to a number of questions posed by readers and residents. To date, they have refused to answer the questions listed below, I suspect because if accurately answered, these responses would not support TC Energy's claims that their proposed pumped storage facility will “reduce global warming” and “Turn a 100% loss into a 75% Gain”.

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Reader: If You Are Disabled You Don't Matter

Dear Editor,

I will agree that is is nice to have a transit service for Grey County. Having said that: The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, under the section Accessible Public Transit Vehicles in Ontario, the first line reads: Under the Transportation Standard of the AODA, municipalities that offer public transit in Ontario must have accessible public transit for passengers with disabilities.

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