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Reader Thankful For Act of Kindness


To the Gentleman behind me in the grocery store line on Saturday evening, I may never know who you are, but it is important to me to let you know how impacted I was from your act of kindness.

While paying for my groceries last Saturday, I realized my debit card was missing from my wallet; anyone that knows me well would not consider this a rare occurrence. The cashier kindly suspended my order and instructed me to go to the customer service desk with my $112.00 purchases.

I looked through my vehicle and raced home to search jacket pockets and dresser tops. Alas no card. I phoned my husband, knowing he was on his way into town, instructed him to go directly to the grocery store to rescue me.

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Rural Meaford Left Out of Community Recreation Guide


Recently arrived by mail was a slick, expensive publication - Municipality of Meaford's "Community Recreation Guide".  

Unfortunately the map on page five confirms that the "Municipality" consists of the "town".

As if we needed one more reminder!

Jean Koroway, Annan

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Reader Questions Cell Tower Letter

Dear Editor,

There is something very fishy about this letter.

Your correspondent is very eager for us to know all the places where he has trained as a ‘statistician and econometrician’. We are aware that those who practice those activities deal entirely with numbers; extracting and assembling relationships amongst them.

What is really strange is that in his letter of roughly 730 words there was not a single number drawn from his conclusions – of the sort we often hear; “there is a 15% chance of such and such happening 19 times out of 20”. Very odd.

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