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​Former Meaford Resident Offers Thoughts on Policing From Germany


Being away from Meaford for a few years now I find it heartwarming to be able to read this well-written TMI paper. An excellent source to be informed about events and on-goings in and around the Municipality of Meaford.

Well, a few things have changed, but in my opinion quite a number of problems seem to be sticking like a dog poo to a door mat. One of these things is the everlasting debate about policing by the OPP or the OSPS.

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Reader Not Happy With Election Results


We here in my household are profoundly disappointed with the election results. To elect Clumpus is to carry on with the same reckless spending and total lack of regard for taxpayers who are stretched to the limit. 

We thought that most people who took the time to educate themselves on the real issues within the Municipality would have voted for change.

Furthermore, to vote for any incumbents is another way of telling council that their egregious spending and bad ideas are OK.

Clumpus in no way won by a landslide either. The top three were very close.

Now we are stuck for four more years! This was our opportunity to stop the hemorrhaging!

Deborah Baker, Bognor

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New Mayor Has Served Rural Communities Well


I thought your observations as to what to expect from the newly elected council were very insightful. However, there is one area that I think needs to be addressed and that is the suggestion that our newly elected mayoress does not fully understand the needs and thoughts of the rural residents of Meaford.

Barb Clumpus has been the council representative on the volunteer board at the Woodford Community centre for the past 4 years. She has been a very strong advocate and extremely supportive of the board and of the rural community. As well as offering  sage advice and following through on requests from the board, she never hesitates to roll up her sleeves and work at events at the centre. All of this has been done in a quiet and competent manner which is probably why her efforts have not been more obvious to our rural residents.

Barb also offered this support to the centre, long before she became a council member and she deserves to be respected and recognized for this.


Norma Collis, Woodford

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