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Appreciation For Volunteer Appreciation Party


A sincere thank you to the Council and staff of the Municipality of Meaford for the Volunteer Appreciation Party. It gets more inviting, local and greener every year.

When our CAO said that green should not be a stand-alone pillar in the Meaford Economic Development Strategy but an integral part of everything we do, she was validating an ongoing process that has been happening at these events for the past several years.

Those who focus on buying green, local, regional and provincial food and products for home or a big event know how challenging it can be to source all of one’s needs.Add recycling 99 percent of everything into the mix and partygoers are left with a high standard to emulate.

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Do You Know Meaford's Garlic Growing History?

Dear Editor,

I moved to Meaford about five years ago, and in walking and driving around the area I have noticed a lot of garlic growing wild at the sides of roads. I have collected some and grown it out at home: it is a fine, purple-skinned variety with a distinct spiral pattern to the cloves.

Other than being told that Meaford had a number of garlic farmers in the past, I can find no information about this garlic. I'd like to put the question out there: can anyone tell me when Meaford first became a garlic growing centre, where did the garlic come from, did it have a specific variety name, and generally any other information about the history of garlic in Meaford?

Thanks very much!

Jennifer Sanders, Meaford

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Camera Lost In Meaford Area

To The Editor,

I am writing this letter, to send this message to the general public in the areas of Meaford and the Blue Mountains. I lost a digital camera on August 1, 2014 at approximately 8 pm., and I would desperately like to locate it.

The camera, which was in a small Dark Grey/Black camera case, was lost along the 3rd line north of HolmCrest Lane heading to Hwy. 26. It is also possible that the camera was lost along Hwy 26 travelling North into Meaford, and onto Bayfield St., Bridge St., the marina district, and finally south on St. Vincent St. heading out of town on Hwy 26.

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