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Where Was Tory Concern About Identity When Police Wore Face Shields and Removed Their Name Tags While Trampling on Canadian Rights?

Mr. Editor,

Your immediate and direct critique of MP Miller's recent radio response to a listener was most appropriate. You were probably the first of many commentators and journalists across this nation to take exception to the twisted mindset of the Larry Miller Conservatives.

Unfortunately, there are far too many in our population who agree with Miller's comments and they will continue to support him and his leader. He could again top the polls. Perhaps we can and should prevent that from happening. I certainly hope we have some solid, smart, sensible local candidates from which to choose in this campaign. Is it time for strategic voting? A split vote could yield a repeat result.

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Liberal Candidate Reacts to Miller Comments


Recent comments made by Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MP Larry Miller regarding traditional face coverings serve to underline the disconnect between the Harper Government and Canadian citizens.

Miller, in remarks on an open line radio show, commented that, “If you’re not willing to show your face…if you don’t want to do that, stay the hell where you came from.”

He was referring to the case of a Muslim woman who chose to war a niqab while taking the Canadian citizenship oath.

Those comments are unacceptable and un-Canadian.

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Reader Reacts to MP Miller's Comments

Editor, the following letter has been sent to Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MP, Larry Miller


In the last year on at least two occasions you have revealed to your constituents that you are not a strong proponent of Canada's laws on religious freedom or our charter of rights and freedoms. Surely you know that religious freedoms and human rights are protections for minorities from the tyranny of the majority.

If we, as a society, believe in these things and promote religious freedoms as Harper is sometimes wont to do, then we must accept that sometimes we must tolerate elements that we are not comfortable with. It comes with the territory.

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