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Reader Wants Meaford to Hold Onto Name


The answer is really a no-brainer, and it should use its council authority to pass a motion saying the following:

Meaford Was – Meaford Is, and Meaford will be.”

My family has roots in this town, from its formative years in the late 19th century till this very present day.

My family has been a contributor to many things, such as the hospital, apartments, Meaford Museum, community park and the cemetery over the years.

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Reader Fuming Over 2013 Surplus

Dear Editor,

There was a Meaford surplus in 2012 of about $500,000 if I remember correctly, and now nearly one million dollars from 2013!!!  

Which staff member is supposed to foresee these surpluses and create a proper and accurate budget.  Isn't that what we pay them to do?

This is outrageous.  Council raised the taxes by nearly 2% yet again this year (while congratulating themselves in the media no less), and there our money sits from last year, money that could have been used to keep our taxes unchanged.

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Electoral Legislation Concerns Reader

Dear Meaford Independent Editor, 

MP Miller is attempting to defend an indefensible piece of electoral legislation.

In the last election, 0ver 120,000 people used the vouching process. 

Apparently, 40-50,000 of them experienced administrative staff errors that did not track who vouched and who voted, however, all of them did explain their case and convince official electoral officers that they did meet residency and voting requirements! This is not a trivial effort, the officials are most careful to prevent fraud.  

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