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Candidate Enjoyed Campaign


This election has been a great learning experience. If there was one thing that stood out for me, it was the quality and integrity of all the candidates that put their names forward for election. We, as a municipality, are fortunate to have such a strong, collaborative, and dedicated Council to serve us. I look forward to the next four years with the leadership we have put in place. I truly believe our Municipality will be in a much stronger and prosperous position at the end of this coming term.

I would like extend my heartfelt thanks to my family and friends who supported me through this exciting process, my election team who dedicated so many hours of hard work and the people of the Municipality of Meaford who voted for me. I am still eager to stay involved in our community and contribute whatever might help make the Municipality of Meaford a preferred and enviable place to live and do business.

Thanks to all!

Glen Tichbourne, Meaford

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Reader Appreciates TMI Election Coverage


I wish to congratulate The Meaford Independent on your great coverage during the recent municipal election in Meaford. You helped the candidates voice their ideas through the newspaper and the Soapbox. You helped to bring candidates and town citizens together for very necessary interchange of information. And, you helped voters that had problems with the new electronic voting process.

The Meaford Independent did their utmost to involve its readers in this important democratic process. I just wonder why 50 percent of people didn’t vote. This newly energized Town Council seems to be what Meaford needs. Now, how can we help?

Gordon Lowe, Meaford

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Reader Response to New OPP Costing

Mr. Editor,

This headline should come with a caveat: ‘creative math’ required.

The OPP billing statement for 2015 is $1,797,913. That is $44,184 lower than OSPS Option 1 (with a civilian school officer) and $131,859 less than OSPS Option 2 (with a uniformed school officer).

The community has shown a strong desire to ensure a uniformed presence in our schools and the merits of moving to a storefront police office from the current (municipally owned) police building have been argued at length. The $45,000 in projected savings is dubious at best. Has the suitable storefront, at $10,000 annually ($833 per month) including renovations and all other costs, been secured?

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