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Meaford of Yesteryear


Let me say that as a senior in Kitchener, with roots back to Meaford to mid-1880s, I enjoy reading your Independent paper on the internet.

I would like to recommend that a section about “MEAFORD of YESTERYEAR” be inserted with each issue.

It could be in the form of statements, a picture, a famous family of the town like Godfrey, Johnson, Muxlow, Ciglen, Solomon, etc.

These families are the builders of Meaford's past and should in some way be regularly reported on.

To forget one's past (roots), is to blind one's future.

Thanks for the opportunity to put my thoughts to you.

R.Paul Kneeshaw, Kitchener

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Public Sector Salary Increases Come From the Taxpayers


In your April 17 edition of the Meaford Independent you appear to be applauding the generous salaries and benefits of public employees.

It would be great if the rest of the population received a corresponding remuneration. The sad truth is public employees are paid with tax dollars. Every time they receive a raise, the bottom financial line shrinks. To use your terminology, every raise to public employees gives the rest of the population a hefty push in the direction of the bottom.

D. M. Ellis, Meaford

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Freedom of Political Speech?


As a citizen of Canada, I am concerned about the direction Canada is going particularly with "Assisted Suicide". Since the outcome of this Bill, yet to be enacted, statistics and reports from Netherlands and Holland suggest that some real dialogue must take place for Canadians to fully realize the ramifications of this Bill.

Daring to enter the fray, I sent a letter outlining my concerns to MP Larry Miller, who agreed with my concerns and suggested I send it to the papers. I also dared to send it to Attorney General Peter MacKay with the query: "HOW DOES THE SUPREME COURT HAVE THE POWER TO OVERTURN THE DECISION OF OUR LAWMAKERS?"

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