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Reader Takes Corporate Giants to Task Over Low Wages


One would think that it would be relatively easy for corporate giants like McDonald's and Tim Hortons to pay their front-line employees, who are not students, a few dollars an hour above minimum wage.   

After all, there are some small independent businesses in Meaford who are able to do so, while competing for the same customers. Those small businesses should be complimented for having the moral ethics to admit that good employees deserve more than poverty wages.      

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Reader Not Accepting Surplus Explanations


We read the article online (March 11th) about the "Problem for Council: What to do With A Larger than Expected Surplus?" and then we read the excuses.

They were excuses because there can be no other rationales or explanations that are acceptable. To deny "that the surplus was not a result of over-taxing Meaford residents" is beyond belief.

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck.

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Reader Disputes Editor's Thoughts on CBC


I am not sure where to begin.

TMI’s explanation of economic trickle-down is very confusing. To state that it makes economic sense for CBC to cover events with overly large crews, because having lots of well paid journalists (on the public’s dime), puts lots of dollars back into the economy is a false premise.

Civil servants create no wealth but take from those who do, through taxation. To apply your argument locally, Meaford would be more economically successful with more staff and higher police costs!

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