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Reader Calls on Residents to Make Their Concerns Known to Council

To the Editor,

I'm writing this letter, to let people know that I wrote letters last fall to, the CAO, Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and Councillors about some issues that needed to be addressed- I received no response and nothing was done about the issues mentioned.

I have written to our MPP and received a response and they forwarded my letter to the people who are in charge of these matters- In time, they in turn wrote to me- thanking me- and told me what was being done.

I'm a resident and tax payer in Meaford and I helped put some of these members into the positions they hold on Town Council. I think I deserve more respect and so do the people of Meaford.

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Conservative Party Not a Fan of Charter of Rights & Freedoms


It is becoming obvious to most Canadians that the Conservative party is not a fan of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The charter compels the Supreme Court of Canada to evaluate government policy and laws in context of the Charter to determine their compliance and thus their legality. This requirement of the Charter also seems to have put the Conservatives at odds with the Supreme Court. 

Many recent stories in the media document this discord.

But recently, Larry Miller, (dubbed the “Keeper of the Flame” by his Conservative caucus colleagues as the voice of principle and straight talking) expressed the Conservative view quite candidly in an article in the National Post, written by John Ivison.

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Us vs Them is Not What You Think

Dear Editor,

Your July 4 Canada Day celebrations article digressed very quickly from celebrating Canada Day to what one can only describe as an attempt to start a controversy when there is none.

You use such phrases as “rural-urban stand-off” and “divisive campaign that will be rural interest against urban interests” could hardly be further from the truth. At the 2014 budget meeting and the policing proposals meeting, I didn’t hear any “we versus them” comments.

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