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Thoughts on Climate Crisis

Dear Editor,

Your editorial calling Councillor Greenfield a ‘conservative’ and a ‘dinosaur’ was meant to belittle him but failed. His questioning of a ‘crisis’ is a responsible position to take. Official government records are out there to help investigate claims of crisis, and we trust they are unprejudiced.

World crop production is twice population rate; Canadian forest fires have greatly decreased in number since 1990, and bear no relation to NASA temperatures or CO2; coastal land subsidence from natural isostasy raises sea level; impervious surfaces in the urban built-environment increase flooding; cities heat up storm water and degrade surface waters. Many natural and man-made factors affect our environment, on Earth and in our open solar system, not just carbon emissions.

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Regarding Dinosaurs in Our Midst

To the editor,

I always know we are in for an editorial treat when the name-calling and virtue signalling tactics used by the progressive left start in the title instead of waiting for at least the second sentence of the first paragraph.

Sure, Harley has been around for a while, but it doesn't mean his ideas are out of date. Talk about tropes! I'd love to go back to a time when roads were in good shape, taxes were much lower, and major investments weren't made to serve a small segment of the community. Perhaps you should rethink your words and make an argument with some substance. Take some time to investigate the whole greening effect in some detail. You might be surprised. Poppycock indeed!

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Canada Has Contributed its Fair Share to Climate Crisis


I think it was Dr. James Hansen (formerly of NASA, and a real Climate Scientist) that covered China and India best. He pointed out that Carbon Dioxide spends 100 years in the atmosphere - on average. That as recently as ten years ago Canada was #4 on the list of all time emitters - total emissions. Out of every country in the world. And that China would need to keep pumping CO2 into the atmosphere at the same rate for 30 years (now 20) if it even hoped to catch up to the biggest contributors to the problem - the USA, Great Britain, Germany, and to pass #4, Canada. India was going to need 40 years if I recall the chart correctly.

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