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Reader on Pumped Storage Proposal: Meaford Served up as Sacrificial Lamb


It is sad to see that Meaford is once again being served up as the 'sacrificial lamb', with Council keeping the door wide open to the TCE project.

Given that in the early 1940s the Department of National Defence expropriated 17,350 acres, 150 farms, four schools, and three churches, seasonal cottages, hunting cabins, summer hotels – the list goes on – one could say that Meaford has done its share.

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Reader Shares Letter to MP Ruff on Proposed Pumped Storage Facility


Please find attached an open letter sent to our MP, Alex Ruff.

I feel it speaks to many residents' concerns about TC Energy's pumped storage project.

Back in 1964, Bob Dylan’s famous song, The Times They Are A-Changin’ ,was a generational anthem, a shout-out to the old establishment. Indeed the times they are a-changing, have changed, and are continuing to change, as COVID-19 and the Climate Crisis has made us painfully aware.

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Legion's Remembrance Day Plans Altered Due to COVID-19


This is an open letter to the residents of Meaford. As we all know the Royal Canadian Legion has long been recognized as the keepers of Remembrance in this country. The Global pandemic notwithstanding, this is still the case.

The Meaford branch of the Legion#32 has been discussing how we can accomplish the task of continuing our tradition of paying homage to those who have given the ultimate sacrifice to maintain our way of life. As has been quoted at the National Level, “the importance of a live ceremony honouring our Veterans and their sacrifices is considered paramount by the Legion, especially during the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War.” This being said, the following has been decided to accomplish the aforementioned homage that they so richly deserve.

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