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Reader Has Vision For Future of Small Towns

Dear Editor,

In your December 5, 2019 print edition of The Meaford Independent you asked: “What will a small downtown look like in 50 years?” Here is my dream.

Before we jump to year 2070, let’s fall back and look at the evolution of our way of life over the last 50 years. The urban model is based on a sprawling community on the edge of town. The automobile is king of this world. We must drive everywhere to do everything. A two-car garage is the predominant feature of our homes. Meanwhile the core of downtown becomes increasingly jammed with traffic, parking spaces, and drive-thru services, polluting our environment, damaging our way of life and our health, and discouraging pedestrians.

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Reader Would Like to See More Speed Monitors

The Editor:

Looking back at the end of 2019, I would like to comment on one particular positive development in our town.

The installation of a vehicle speed monitor in the Community Safety Zone on St. Vincent Street. There has been one in Kimberley for a couple of years now, and I believe that they provide a valuable visual presence to a common street safety problem.

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More Opposition to Proposed Hydroelectric Pump Storage Plant

Dear Editor,

We are the owners of the property at 337 Cedar Avenue which is located at the dead end portion of Cedar Ave., which flanks the property line of the Canadian Army’s 4th Division Training Centre. In other words we are in very close proximity.

Like all of our neighbours we strongly oppose this for all the reasons that they do, including the ones below:

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