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To Glamp or Not To Glamp? That is the Question


I fully understand the desires on both sides of this issue. Do we invite people who will spend money in our area, or do we seek to protect our countryside, our agriculture, and our environment?

However, one risk that I have not seen mentioned lies in the fact that these campers will likely bring their pets with them, and seeing all this open space will very likely give them a free rein, and just turn them loose. As any farmer with livestock knows, dogs that are not trained to live alongside cattle will give chase, and cattle and sheep being what they are will run away. What great sport for a dog.

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Where Will Workers For Pumped Storage Facility Construction Come From?


This is one of the main selling points of TCE’s pump storage project being proposed for the DND property north of Meaford. Eight hundred workers from all construction trades are being solicited. You would almost get the impression that there are men and women sitting around idly just waiting for the call to start work next Monday morning at 7.

A Regional Economic Study completed by EMR Consultants Canada Ltd and released in April of this year estimates the required direct labour force to be 1,033.

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Support For Six Stories


I read today with great interest the naysayers against the six storey proposed LTC building on Cook Street, but they would be willing to support four stories.

As you know I used to be in real estate here in Meaford for many years and during that time worked with many developers, on what could have been wonderful projects for this town and probably would have helped redevelop the downtown.

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