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Reader Pleased to See Shoreline Park Remediation Underway


The work done during the last week (August 10 - 14) to the Meaford shoreline has been wonderful. The difference in the beautification is well worth the effort and cost, this is something we can see for our tax dollars.

Providing people with a place to enjoy the waterfront - whether in the water, on the water, or just viewing the water makes a huge difference to tourism. It would have been nice for this to have happened sooner, in such a hot summer, but decisions are sometimes hard to make when costs rule the roost. Roads everywhere and are always in need of repair but our shoreline is also there in all seasons so this surely should make it a high priority.

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TC Energy Responds to Recent Letter to the Editor


I have read Taylor Raffy’s letter to the editor published on August 7 and I note it has appeared in other news outlets as well. I would like to address some of Ms. Raffy’s comments regarding the economic merits that the proposed pumped storage project would bring if it were to proceed.

First, I would like to thank Ms. Raffy for her interest in our proposal and for her commitment to being informed about the project. This is why we have hired third-party consultants to conduct preliminary independent studies on both the economic and employment impacts – so that we would have fact-based information to share with the community. It is best practice for companies to hire and pay for industry leading experts to validate assumptions about the project. As she notes, we are a company that operates in a highly regulated environment, we have to be accountable for all information we are citing.

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Reader Concerned About Losing Light to Proposed Six Storey Building

To the Editor,

I am writing this in regard to the proposed six storey building on the old MCS property between Thompson and Cook St. I live on Cook St. across the road from this proposed building. I have lived here for six years and in Meaford for 30+years. I consider Meaford home, and this is my 'forever' home.

For the last six years I have worked very hard, investing considerable time, energy and money into creating an entire backyard garden including two fish ponds. My front yard is entirely garden as well. Plant material has been strategically placed based on hours of available light. It is dependent upon this light.

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