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Pumped Storage?... Sensibility Please!


With due respect to the November 14th opinions Mr. Eric Brown and those of like mind express over the virtues of pumped energy storage as a means to reduce CO2 emissions, I believe we are in need of a 'reality check' on the basis of both physics and economics.

Pumping water uphill and then extracting energy from it during downflow results in an approximate 30% energy loss (and financial loss) from the initial energy investment. These losses are in the form of waste heat which will find its way into our atmosphere. (Something we need less of.) Consider also the significant volumes of diesel fuel required to power equipment needed to construct this facility.

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Damage to Fairgrounds Property


Regarding your rant in the November 21 print issue of The Independent, not only are dim bulbs in the community causing damage to public parks but also private land owned by the Meaford and St Vincent Agricultural Society.

Sometime between Wednesday, November 20 evening and noon on Thursday, November 21, the same dim bulbs or their equally idiot pals chose to drive past our small office and between the steel building and the horse ring fence, nearly missing our downspouts on the building and a small sign asking they not drive on the grass.

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In Defense of Buskers


This letter is in regards to the person who unbelievably phoned the police on a man who was busking outside of Bill's Valumart on the evening of Tuesday, November 26.

What motivation could you possibly have for trying to stop a person from making a few dollars to feed himself and his dog? He was not blocking the entrance or impeding anyone from going to where they needed to go. He was merely trying to put some money in his pocket.

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