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Politicizing the Food Guide Simply Distracts From the Real Issue of Food Insecurity


Recent events in the news have raised the issue of re-doing Canada’s Food Guide. There is no need. The Food Guide is based on science and there was plenty of opportunity for all Canadians to take part in the open consultations. The evidence review for the new Food Guide began in 2013 and the consultation process began in 2016. Health Canada received almost 25,000 responses during this process. Evaluating the evidence, in an open and transparent process based on scientific merit, was a huge step forward in creating a guide that serves the health of the people, not select sectors.

This whole discussion is a distraction from the real issues affecting Canadians.

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Meaford Newcomer Disappointed by Council Performance

Dear Editor,

My wife and I attended the July 19th Council meeting on the new Meaford Library.

We are relatively new to the Meaford area and thought this would be a good opportunity to see our local elected representatives in action.

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Reader Suggests Mayor is Inconsistent With Concern Over Spending

Dear Editor,

As a taxpayer I appreciate a local politician who is concerned about overspending and looking after our tax dollars.

First of all in my opinion it does not conform at all to the best practices and standards that have been used in the past. The decision could undermine council’s credibility. It really defies logic. In my opinion it is really questionable in terms of a responsible decision.”

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