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Reader Offers More Thought on Party Climate Plans


Michael den Tandt got two things right in his recent response to my letter on the climate crisis – we don’t have ten years to wait, and I was the NDP candidate in 2015. In my letter, I said I was biased. But I’m not wrong about the Liberal’s plan.

Fun fact: The current Liberal plan is not far off the ‘Green Shift’ that Stephane Dion championed in the 2008 campaign. If that plan had been implemented, it might have bought us some time. Instead we got Stephen Harper and a decade of ramped up carbon emissions.

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A Senior's View of the Upcoming Election

The Editor,

Just a senior’s view about the upcoming election.

Every issue being raised/debated comes down to finances.

What we have in this country is not a spending problem, but a revenue problem.

I am old enough to remember how we used to do business in Canada, before we had FTA, NAFTA, and whatever else poses as free trade…

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Reader Questions Municipal Representatives Influencing Federal Elections


This letter is in response to the news item regarding the opening of the campaign office for the Conservative candidate in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound.

Among the list of supporters at the opening are Mayors, Deputy Mayors, and Councillors, including a Councillor from Meaford. To me this implies that these elected officials are representing their respective Councils and citizens at the event, which they are not.

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