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Stop the Unwanted Flyers

Dear Editor,

You would be doing a great public service if you could advise me, and other Meaford residents, how to stop the uninvited litter we experience.

Every week we have a plastic bag of flyers thrown in our drive. The flyers go straight into recycling and the plastic bag goes into the garbage.

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Concern About Tree-Cutting By-law in The Blue Mountains

Dear Editor,

The question begs to be asked – why are councils passing egregious by-laws? Is it because staff presents staff reports, in the favour of the staff, and the people end up paying for staff’s mistakes?

Is it because there is a raft of new councillors at helm of our municipalities? It seems the same old by-laws, which weren’t passed by the previous council, have come back to haunt the people.

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Reader Offers Food For Thought Regarding Proposed Pumped Storage Facility


In a recent letter to the Editor, John Mikkelson of TCE affirmed his company’s commitment to listen to valid concerns regarding his company’s proposal and accurately communicate with Meaford citizens. He states that the company does not have answers to all the questions as they are in the early stages of the process. I have no reason, at this time, to doubt his words.

After attending an Open House regarding the proposal I felt that TCE was taking community concerns seriously. It does not surprise me, however, that there are skeptics. That is always the case and often with good reason. I certainly have some concerns. For example, the corridors for the high tension lines to and from the pumping/generating station are a mystery at this time. I certainly want to know more about that.

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