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Concern About Electronic Voting Participation

Dear Editor,

I am hearing about people who will not vote because they can not cope with the new system, so I asked what to do.

Candidates David Long and Jim MacPherson have said they will help anyone who does not want or can not, work the new system. I am assuming the rest will help too if someone calls.

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Boutique Hotel Issue Will be Back Before Council September 10


If you’ve been following along with the saga of the 'Boutique Hotel' proposed for Boucher St. W. and Stephen Vance’s most recent article you’ll know that the discussion reached an impasse at the last council meeting on July 23 and has been deferred until the upcoming meeting on September 10.

This will be an excellent opportunity to find out for yourself which of our council members truly value the rights of residents and businesses in the municipality and which ones do not.

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Don't Believe Council Candidates Who Say They Will Lower Taxes


The municipal election campaign has barely begun and already someone has said they will vote for a certain candidate because they “will reduce our taxes”. Whoever makes such a statement is either naive or is intentionally misleading voters.

Municipal taxes will go up, due to the increasing cost of providing services to residents and to pay for our infrastructure deficit.

My vote will go to the candidate who dares to say, “If elected I will increase taxes”. At least I know they are honest.

Greg Brown, Meaford

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