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Support For Proposed Pumped Storage Facility


I am starting to see a few lawn signs supporting the NO camp re: Meaford Pumped Storage proposal. I continue to disagree with the NO position especially now that more environmental and economic impact information is being published.

Originally there were concerns about:

A) Impact on the water quality,

B) Eye-sore shoreline views, of buildings and power lines,

C) Damage to animal and fish habitat,

D) Noise from pumps, etc.

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Reader Calls For Action on Long Term Care Homes


Below is a letter I recently submitted to Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MP Alex Ruff:

Dear Sir!

We have met once at the Bayshore earlier this year BEFORE the virus, when I bitterly complained to you about not being able to buy MADE IN CANADA products. You listened to my rant with interest and an apparently open mind.

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Concern About Proposed LTC Facility

To the editor,

It has come to our attention that peopleCare are requesting a number of exceptions to existing planning and municipal guidelines to build a facility on the old Meaford Community School grounds (186 Cook St). Our neighbourhood is very supportive of the building of additional senior care facilities. None of us are taking a “not in my backyard” approach even if it will literally be in our back (or front) yard! But we are concerned about a number of the exceptions they are requesting.

Additionally, we also believe the municipality who are hosting one Zoom meeting, are not providing adequate opportunity for Meaford residents to “a” be made aware, and “b” express their delight or dismay.

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