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Reader Offers Thoughts on Trudeau Brown-Face Issue

Dear Editor,

We have become just plain silly. We are making such a fuss about the picture of Trudeau in brown face. It was a Theme party of the Arabian Nights! If the theme had been royalty, and he went as the king would it have been offensive? If it had been drag and he went as a woman, would it have upset us knowing he is not gay? Maybe going as a wolf to a zoo theme would upset the dogs? No one has mentioned that the Aladdin he portrayed was elegant and sophisticated. That is not racist, it is respectful and detail oriented! Politicians give us so many things to get upset about, why are we creating something extra?


Roberta Docherty, Meaford

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Reader Offers Thoughts on Inter-Township Fire Department


I believe it is time to clarify much of the information that has been put forward by the Municipality of Meaford regarding the lnter-Township Fire Department (I.T.F.D.).

1. The service provided by the I.T.F.D. is every bit as good as that provided by the Meaford and District Fire Department if not better.

2. The I.T.F.D. provides exceptional training to the volunteer firefighters.

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Reader Calls BS on Climate Plans


I was at the first debate of the local campaign and watched Michael den Tandt, the Liberal, and Alex Ruff, the Conservative, get away with murder. Well, not literally, but certainly figuratively. Well, maybe literally if things keep getting worse.

Den Tandt insisted more than once that the Liberal’s carbon tax is working. Well, maybe it will someday, but not yet. In fact, not for two more centuries. Carbon emissions are still increasing and they will continue to do so under the Liberal plan. It doesn’t help that Mr. Trudeau keeps encouraging oil sands production with subsidies and pipelines.

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