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Dear Editor,

This is a letter I submitted to Council. Please accept this as my letter to the editor:

Hello to my government.

It was with great dismay that I read we are cancelling the plastic film recycling.

The earth’s death is imminent. I realize you can only help avoid this in limited ways. You are, after all, only a municipal government.

One way you could help, at this level, is to recycle. And, you chose not to.

(And no, Councillor Bartley, waiting for a higher level of government to ban plastic film use in 2024, is not a good excuse for doing the wrong thing now.)

There are no services you can offer me, a citizen of Meaford, that is more important, in the big picture.

I’ll take the potholes, the cracked sidewalks, older model trucks, the pause in services, all that.
But please. Don’t sacrifice our planet to cut taxes. Please. Raise my taxes! I’ll pay! But let’s leave something for our children.

Yours, with great sadness,

Heather Douglas, Meaford

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