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It is sad to see that Meaford is once again being served up as the 'sacrificial lamb', with Council keeping the door wide open to the TCE project.

Given that in the early 1940s the Department of National Defence expropriated 17,350 acres, 150 farms, four schools, and three churches, seasonal cottages, hunting cabins, summer hotels – the list goes on – one could say that Meaford has done its share.

Now The Department of National Defence, TCE, and Meaford’s Council are at it again and this time with even greater risk to residents and the fragile natural environment.

This time the repercussions will be felt all around the shores of Georgian Bay: north, east, and west.

The TCE project will serve only to devalue any and all land and homes, within Meaford and the surrounding area, particularly those homes and cottages in the shadow of this mega-project.

I am not sure that Meaford has ever fully recovered from the first level of expropriation in the early 1940s.

One can only wonder if or when an undiscovered land mine will explode and send everything crashing down.

How are we to trust our elected officials when they appear to be so willing to sell out to big Corp/developers?

Hazel Milne, Thornbury

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