Dear Editor,

In reading some of the articles and comments from readers regarding the proposed LTC/'campus of care', I have found it impossible to not address at least one of the several issues. For example, I am not going to get into the fact that we have seen no proof that all of these units are actually necessary or that there is no proof it can be properly staffed.

Not one of us opposing the height of the proposed building has opposed the concept of usage for the property. By all means, build it and perhaps they will come.

Currently, Meaford’s 'maximum height' is three stories. There is an acceptable 'bonus height' of two extra storeys (making it five total), providing the developer can prove that is absolutely necessary for the viability of their project and that it will not impede on or take away from the existing neighbourhood that it will be located in.

By allowing a structure that is one storey above the bonus height (smack in the middle of a neighbourhood of primarily two storey homes) we are not only setting a new precedent for new proposals, we are also completely ignoring the portion of the bylaw that states it will be in keeping with the neighbourhood. This one will not fit in with its surroundings whatsoever. It will dwarf every home around it, take away the sunrise and sunset for two streets, and the amount of light pollution caused by it will likely erase our stars.

By saying yes to this structure, you are essentially saying yes to high-rise buildings anywhere in the municipality.

It will not stop at this one.

Nor will saying yes to this one stop developers from building six – seven – or even eight storey buildings in our surrounding nature-filled areas. Because by okaying a proposal that gives zero reasoning other than “because we can’t build a basement” we (Meaford as a whole) will now be open season for every developer to request “just one more”.

Hold peopleCare accountable to the bylaws put in place to protect the aesthetics of our beautiful town – they have made four-storey buildings work everywhere else. Have a little faith that they can make a three-storey work here where we have significantly less population.

Don’t say yes to this because you have fooled yourself into thinking developers will keep the density within the town limits. They will not. But now we will have given them license to pave paradise and put up parking lots and high rises anywhere within the municipality limits.

You truly do not know what you have ‘til it’s gone.

Don’t wreck this town.

I beg of you.

With the utmost respect,

Maddie Dolegowski, Meaford (a “young person” who moved here to escape the high rises of cities)

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