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This graduating class started kindergarten around the time my career as a teacher was starting. I bet we had similar challenges! This particular group is now planning to move on to new adventures, and the staff at Georgian Bay Community School wishes them all the best.

Normally, the end of the school year is buzzing with excitement concerning prom and graduation; however, this June is certainly not the same as previous ones. What also had to be cancelled was the annual yearbook.

The idea of a memory book, a collection of stories through pictures, started to become a reality when a local company, Parsons Foto Source in Owen Sound, became our partner in helping us make our keepsake. A major issue, but not one for long, was how we were going to pay for it. It took less than a week of reaching out to service clubs, such as the Meaford Rotary, Thornbury/Clarksburg Rotary, Meaford Kinsmen, Meaford Kinettes, Georgian Bay Youth Roots, and Georgian Bay Parent Council, who came to our rescue. Moreover, the support from individual families was incredibly heartwarming. Considerable donations came from businesses as well, such as the Twin Creek Cattle Company. Holly Shepstone, a graduating student herself, spent countless hours putting the book together. Due to everyone’s generosity and overwhelming support, this graduation class gets a beautiful gift of moments highlighted stemming from childhood that they will have forever. Hopefully it offers them a different ending.

Every graduating class is special, but this one stands out for me. They are the people who will speak out and voice their concerns about injustices. They have big dreams and huge hearts. If you have the privilege of knowing any of them, you know that collectively they are the ones who will make the world a little kinder.

To all of the G.B.C.S. graduation class, congratulations and enjoy the next chapter. Like my mother reminded me, home represents the place where you came from, but when you leave, don’t forget to take your memories with you for every step along the way.

Jennetta Curry

G.B.C.S. Secondary Teacher

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