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On behalf of everyone at the Meaford Hospital and Foundation, we hope you and your family remain safe and healthy during this challenging time.

More than ever, we are grateful for the dedication of our donors, sponsors, and volunteers. Your commitment to the Meaford Hospital has made an impact. Donations will support the purchase of new diagnostic and medical equipment. Funds received for Covid relief are helping to purchase Personal Protective Equipment and meet other needs for our hard-working front line staff during this pandemic.

The government provides little funding for new medical equipment. Funds for the hospital’s response to the Covid crisis are also uncertain and so it is up to the Foundation to raise the funds that are needed. We must rely on the generosity of our communities of Meaford, Town of the Blue Mountains, and the surrounding area to fulfill the requirements of the Meaford Hospital as well as our regional site in Owen Sound.

Due to the restrictions set forth by the Government of Ontario, many of our fundraising events are postponed or cancelled which means it will be a challenge to meet the hospital’s need for new equipment. I am writing to each of you to think about your local hospital now more than ever and support where you can. We recognize that many people are experiencing personal and economic hardships from this pandemic, but any support you can provide will be appreciated enormously during these unprecedented times. Giving is easy and can be done online at or via e-transfer to

A very special thank you to all of the front-line workers in our area who are working tirelessly through this pandemic; your hard work and commitment to our community has been appreciated.

Please stay safe and healthy through this pandemic and thank you for your generous support of our hospital and its dedicated staff.

With gratitude,

Barbara Little,

Chair, Meaford Hospital Foundation

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