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Having moved from Meaford to a large city more than a year ago, I realize that it was the best thing to do.

Meaford is a beautiful town, but after living there for 20 years I found that the town lacked a focused vision for itself.

A poor sister to Thornbury, full of empty storefronts, historic buildings being demolished, decaying abandoned homes, building opportunities and developments that went nowhere, high taxes, and lack of services, Meaford for us could not offer enough for two active retired people to stay.

Now there is only one grocery store and with the closing of Stedman's what will people with no means of mobility do for their basic necessities and needs.

We wanted to retire to a small town, but one with something to offer, a place to meet our needs.

Vibrant and alive.

Unless the Town finds an answer to attract new people, new businesses, and keep people there, the economic future for the town seems grim.

I think the sign west of Collingwood on Highway 26 says it best. It shows the distances to Thornbury and Owen Sound but doesn't even mention Meaford.

It's as if there was nothing in between.

Is this close to the truth?

I hope not, but the town needs to do more to re-brand itself and become a chosen destination, not just another small town to pass through.

Allan Lomas, Victoria BC

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