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Dear Editor,

We are the owners of the property at 337 Cedar Avenue which is located at the dead end portion of Cedar Ave., which flanks the property line of the Canadian Army’s 4th Division Training Centre. In other words we are in very close proximity.

Like all of our neighbours we strongly oppose this for all the reasons that they do, including the ones below:


  • This will have a huge impact on the spawning of the fish habitat and natural bird habitat of the escarpment.

  • The rate at which water will be pumped up and released is half the average flow of Niagara Falls. What will this do to the clear water in the area (especially those who will be located adjacent to this) and how will this affect our shore wells and our drinking water?

  • Currently the high water levels along with the two wind storms (October 31st + November) have destroyed our shore lines and some of the shore wells. If this is any indication of what high volumes of water from our future neighbours could do, then we will have serious problems.

  • Noise Factors? At the December 11th meeting, no one could answer this question. Several years ago when we questioned the rate at which our taxes were increasing, a former councillor told us that we are paying for “clean water, clean air, and peace and quiet”. Meaford has one of the highest taxes in the province, peace and quiet would no longer be part of this equation.

  • The transmission lines will be an eyesore to neighbouring homes and farmlands in the area. I also question the health effects of the high voltage wires. The Escarpment is a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, are there no restrictions?

At the December 11th meeting we came, we heard, and we got no answers. TCE builds pipelines, not hydroelectric pump stations. Why build a project that is old technology? And why use Meaford as the testing ground. If you believe that this project will employ Meaford citizens in the building process, then you are wrong. There will be no “Job Fair” as stated by a TCE representative. The skilled labour to undertake a project like this will be imported from other parts of the country, in the end this facility will only employ about 15 people. The number of jobs created are minimal compared to the future losses of tourism, recreation, residential growth.

Yours truly,

Tony and Louise Buccella, Meaford

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